Join us at our new space at GreenStreet for a close-up view via the looking glass, keyhole, and cinematographer-artists’ perspectives.

MFAH permanent collection and DiverseWorks Artspace darling, Allison Hunter, along with the brilliant, witty, wry/shy Kelley Devine offer their ‘takes’ on PEEPSHOW and what it means to both the subject and the viewer.

Expect a bit of a descent from your initial upright, uptight views that shift to a touch of contortion to scope out the works through the viewfinder, and, finally, a bit of interactive art that demands your lowest stooping and highest attention levels all at once (on-your-knees, please).

Hunter’s works have shown – until now – only in museums across the country and at Houston’s DiverseWorks. A real treat awaits the viewer, and several cinematic and digital surprises will serve sensory delight, as well.

New talent, and Houston’s best-kept secret, Willy Gardiner, joins these established artists at his inaugural Esperson Gallery exhibit – in the front gallery. Arresting, amorphous works, bursting with color and tough-to-nail-down, yet soothing hues take over the canvases created at the hands of Willy Gardiner.

Join us for PEEPSHOW, the opening. 20 NOV.

Please note new gallery space address:
1201 Fannin, Suite 131
[Downtown at GreenStreet | on Fannin, between Dallas and Polk Streets]